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How do gel nails work?

Gel nails are very natural-looking manicure for montreal and are rapidly gaining popularity among ladies who visit nail salons. These are becoming more and more popular since they take a natural approach. They provide non-toxic, all-natural products to customers. There are no drawbacks to using this product for the user.

Ingredients in gel nails

Gel nails are created using a monomer gel and pre-mixed polymer. UV radiation is used to cure a gel that has been placed to the nails. If the nails are not exposed to UV light, a specific gel activator is employed. This activator aids in increasing the length and gloss of the nails. These are well-liked due to the fact that they don’t require maintenance.

Acrylic versus gel nails

Gel nails are an option for women with weak nails. There is an odour that some people may find offensive coming from acrylic nails. In the case of gel nails, this would not be significant. Artificial nails emit a bad stench when the surface is painted. Nobody wants their use of false nails to be known to others. But for many women, the smell can ruin the performance.

Gel nails take care of any unpleasant smell, so you don’t have to worry about it. By using gel nails, you can ensure that no one will be able to tell whether your nails are real or false. Gel nails assist in avoiding embarrassing situations. The best feature of these nails is that, unlike acrylic nails, they do not readily turn yellow. Gel nails do yellow with time, although it takes them longer than it does acrylic nails. Nos autres blogs


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